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Thuja (Tuja orientalis)

Thuja (Tuja orientalis)

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  • Thuja orientalis, also known as Oriental yew, is an evergreen conifer that prefers a sunny or semi-shady location and well-drained soil.
  • It can be grown from seeds, but more often seedlings are used.


  • Watering: Young plants should be watered regularly until they are established, while older plants can tolerate drought.
  • Fertilization: Thujas are not demanding plants, but they can be fertilized in the spring with a universal fertilizer for conifers.
  • Pruning: Tuja pruning is done to maintain the desired shape and density. They are usually pruned in spring or autumn.


  • Privacy and Hedges: Thujas are often used as hedges due to their dense and tall nature, providing privacy and wind protection.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Oriental yew has thick and soft green leaves, which provides an attractive appearance to the garden.
  • Sound insulation: Dense thuja vegetation can act as a natural sound insulator, reducing ambient noise.

Thuja orientalis is a popular plant for decorating gardens and creating hedges. Its cultivation is relatively simple, and its maintenance is reduced to regular watering, fertilizing and pruning. Its benefits include privacy, aesthetic appearance and sound insulation, making it an attractive choice for garden projects.

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