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Rhododendron (Rhododendron 'Scarlet wonder')

Rhododendron (Rhododendron 'Scarlet wonder')

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Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' is a popular ornamental plant with beautiful red flowers. Here is short and clear information about the cultivation, maintenance and benefits of the Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' plant:


  • Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' prefers semi-shaded or shady areas in the garden.
  • The plant should be planted in acidic soil with good drainage.


  • Watering: Maintain even soil moisture, avoiding excessive drying or excessive watering.
  • Fertilization: Apply an acid rhododendron fertilizer in the spring before growth begins.
  • Pruning: Remove faded flowers and dry branches to encourage healthy plant growth.


  • Beautiful flowers: Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' has intense red flowers that attract attention and provide an attractive decoration in the garden.
  • Evergreen beauty: The leaves of the plant remain green throughout the year, providing continuous aesthetic value.
  • Attracts butterflies and bees: Rhododendron flowers attract butterflies and bees, adding to the biodiversity of your garden.

With proper care and maintenance, Rhododendron 'Scarlet Wonder' will bring you exceptional beauty and delight with its vibrant flowers and evergreen leaves.

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