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Soil Preparation and Grass Seeding from 😊🌱

Soil Preparation and Grass Seeding from 😊🌱

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Transform your green areas with the help of Agroflora! We are pleased to present our top service - soil preparation and grass sowing, where we use the most modern technology to achieve the best results.

Our Revofrez machine uses a super-innovative reversible tiller for land preparation! 💪🚜 How does it work? The tiller penetrates deep into the soil, pushes the stones under the surface, while passing the fine soil through the sieve. The result? Precisely prepared, flat ground ideal for sowing grass.

But wait, there's more! 🎉 In the same passage of the machine, we sow grass, which saves time and makes the whole process super-efficient!

Wondering about the price? We charge based on the processed area (per m2)📏, and for arriving at your location we charge an additional item that varies depending on the location of the works. 🚚

Whether you are a construction company, farmer or designer, our soil preparation and grass seeding service is the right choice for you! 🏆 - for breathtaking green areas! 🌳🍃😃

Option 1: Preparing the surface for sowing grass

If you have a space that needs to be transformed into a green paradise, our surface preparation service is the right thing for you. 🚜🌿 Using an advanced reversible tiller, we perform precise tillage of the soil, bury the stones, and the fine soil passes through the sieve and falls on the buried stones. This process results in a flat and fine surface, perfect for sowing grass. Our service is calculated per m2, and mobilization is charged as a separate item that depends on the location of the works. 👷‍♂️⏱️

Option 2: Preparation of the surface and sowing of grass

Looking for a complete solution for your green space? In addition to surface preparation, we offer the service of sowing grass in one pass. 🚜🌱 After the reversible tiller prepares the field, the machine will automatically sow the grass. This all-in-one process ensures efficient and quick lawn establishment. The service is calculated per m2, and mobilization is charged separately, depending on the location of the works. Your green space has never been closer! 👷‍♂️🌳🌿

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