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Heuchera 'Melting Fire'

Heuchera 'Melting Fire'

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Heuchera 'Melting Fire' is a popular ornamental that brings exceptional color and texture to the garden. Here is a short and clear information about the cultivation, maintenance and benefits of the Heuchera 'Melting Fire' plant:


  • Heuchera 'Melting Fire' prefers semi-shaded or cool areas in the garden.
  • The plant should be planted in well-drained soil with added compost to ensure optimal humidity.


  • Watering: Heuchera 'Melting Fire' prefers moderate watering, ensuring that the soil does not dry out too much.
  • Fertilization: You can apply a mild fertilizer for ornamental plants in the spring to encourage growth and better leaf color.
  • Pruning: It is recommended to periodically remove faded flowers and dry leaves to maintain a neat appearance of the plant.


  • Decorative Appearance: Heuchera 'Melting Fire' has foliage that varies from red to dark red, providing a dramatic decorative element in the garden.
  • Year-round interest: The plant's foliage remains decorative throughout the year, providing color and texture in the garden and landscape.
  • Attracts butterflies: Heuchera flowers attract butterflies and other beneficial insects, contributing to the biodiversity of your garden.

With proper care and maintenance, Heuchera 'Melting Fire' will provide long-lasting beauty and enjoyment in your garden.

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