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Yellow sedge (Cytisus)

Yellow sedge (Cytisus)

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  • Cytisus, also known as yellow sedge, prefers sunny and well-drained spots in the garden.
  • It can be grown in different types of soil, but prefers dry and slightly alkaline soil.
  • The plant is best planted in spring or autumn.


  • Watering: Cytisus is a drought-resistant plant. Water it moderately after planting and during dry periods. Make sure the soil dries out well between waterings.
  • Fertilization: Cytisus does not require frequent fertilization. You can fertilize it once a year with organic fertilizer in early spring.
  • Pruning: After flowering, you can prune the shoots to encourage bushy growth and preserve the shape of the plant.


  • Flowering: Cytisus has attractive yellow flowers that bring vibrancy to the garden.
  • Insect attraction: Cytisus flowers attract bees and other pollinators, contributing to the garden's biodiversity.
  • Resistance: Cytisus is a plant that tolerates drought and poor soil well, so it is suitable for low-maintenance gardens.

With proper care, cytisus will bring you blooms, attract beneficial insects and add resilience to your garden.

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